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Post Booking

In today's dynamic world, customers crave autonomy and convenience. Gone are the days of waiting on hold with a call center for simple booking updates or payments. Today's tech-savvy travelers prefer instant, self-service options available round the clock. Cabin Select's post-booking solution delivers unparalleled flexibility, allowing customers to effortlessly access the platform from anywhere in the world, whether it's via their iPhone, desktop, or any other device, thanks to our cutting-edge cloud-hosted infrastructure. Cabin Select sets the gold standard for convenience, efficiency, and security in cruise booking solutions

Within the Cabin Select inventory system, the possibilities are endless. From creating bespoke shore excursions to crafting enticing drink packages and promotional upgrades, even arranging accommodations and transfers, our platform offers comprehensive solutions tailored to every traveler's needs. Once these services are curated, customers can seamlessly incorporate them into their booking journey, whether through our website login portal or our bespoke Apple Store/Google Play app. With Cabin Select, customers can effortlessly view and manage their bookings 24/7, enabling them to make payments, update guest details, upgrade cabins, and add additional services with ease and peace of mind.

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