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Cabin Select presents a premium cruise booking experience, offering a seamless white-label platform for customers to effortlessly search, book, and secure their dream cruise. Our cutting-edge web application, fueled by a robust JSON API, grants users instant access to rich content, dynamic pricing, and real-time availability sourced directly from the Cabin Select cruise inventory system

Cruise Booking Journey

Backed by three decades of industry-leading expertise in cruise user experience, the Cabin Select journey empowers customers to swiftly and effectively distribute their cruise offerings while ensuring optimal visibility of cabin availability.

Allow customers to book one or multiple staterooms when planning their trip.


Offer customers multiple fare codes to offer special incentives, early bird offers or fares with additional options.

Cabin Grade

You can offer specific cabins with cabin numbers or guaranteed cabins.

Cabin Selection

Cruise Details

Generate content for your customers to learn more about your available products and sailings providing detailed information on the sailing, cabin information and imagery.

Create landing pages for each of your sailings to provide additional information, photos and videos.

Cruise Landing Pages

Display detailed itinerary information on ports of call along with arrival and departure times. 

Itinerary Detail

Provide additional detail on cabins to showcase features, amenities and images.

Cabin Detail

The Cabin Select Suite

Incorporating state-of-the-art technology, Cabin Select seamlessly integrates with payment gateways such as and CyberSource, ensuring the secure processing of live payments for deposits, final payments, and installments. With Cabin Select's suite of tools, you gain unparalleled control over pricing, promotions, and content management, allowing for seamless customization and optimization of offerings worldwide. Harnessing the power of our cloud-hosted infrastructure, Cabin Select offers a scalable solution for cruise businesses to thrive in the digital age.

Increase your reach

End-to-end reservation management

Cabin Specific Selection

Multi Cabin Bookings



Real-time Payments

Promotion Codes

Promotional Rates

Transactional Emails

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