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Frequently asked questions about our solutions

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  • Yes, Cabin Select seamlessly integrates with your API, enabling effortless retrieval of cabin availability and pricing. Our platform is adept at accommodating cruise lines equipped with either a bespoke inventory system or one facilitated by Resco and Versonix.

  • Yes, Cabin Select is seamlessly linked with and Cybersource, ensuring swift customer payments and instant confirmations. Should you require integration with an alternate payment gateway, simply reach out to us, and we'll explore the connection. Additionally, in the coming months, Cabin Select will extend its payment processing capabilities to include Uplift.

  • Cabin Select was meticulously crafted with the needs of small, boutique cruise lines, groups, and charters in mind, particularly those operating within constrained budgets. Our partners successfully utilize the system with fleets as modest as 20 cabins for seamless distribution. Moreover, our platform boasts intuitive functionality, adaptable from iPhones to desktop computers. Furthermore, we provide comprehensive training and support, all at no additional expense.

  • We adopt a hands-on approach to every project, recognizing the importance of understanding your operational dynamics as much as you're eager to comprehend our system's functionalities. Our preferred initial step is to arrange a meeting where we can delve into your requirements, collaboratively charting the optimal path to success. During this session, we'll also showcase real-world applications of our technology by other clients. Subsequently, following our workshop, we'll furnish you with a comprehensive project timeline and cost estimation.

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